Thursday, December 9, 2010

4x4 RC Monster Trucks... Nitro, Gas,4x4 RC Monster Trucks And Electric Off Road

"Your guide to choosing and buying the best rc monster trucks."

There are plenty of 4x4 rc monster trucks to choose from. You can buy the nitro powered 40+ mph HPI Savage 25, or electric powered models such as the popular Traxxas E-Maxx. The RC hobby has never been this exciting!

Accessory & Equipment

For gas/nitro powered kits, items are the truck kit, 2-stroke engine, radio control system, fuel, fuel bottle, glow plug igniter, engine starter and batteries for the transmitter and receiver.

For electric powered kits, items are the truck kit, radio control system, 7.2 volt rechargeable battery pack, battery charger and batteries for the transmitter and receiver.

About RC Monster Trucks

Radio control monster trucks are the reason for excitement in the R/C hobby. Imagine owning a nitro powered Traxxas T-Maxx or HPI Savage 25 and blasting through the beach at 40+ mph!

1/8 scale rc monster trucks are big, fast and simply awesome. Powered by powerful nitro gas engines or dual electric motors, these remote controlled monster trucks provide high performance.

RC Monster Truck Picture
RC Monster Trucks Picture © HPI Racing

Playing or racing off road, eight (8) massive oil filled shock absorbers and huge rubber tires absorb all the rough stuff. These monster trucks can jump 5 feet into the air and land without any problems.

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