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Truck Sales Dropping - Great Time to Pick Up Bargains

 America has long had a love affair with pick up trucks, and in the past 15 years the number of trucks being sold in this country was steadily rising.  Every day more and more trucks appeared on the road, and it wasn't because all these people were buying them because they actually needed them for their business or farm.  No, it was because trucks were cool.  Part of the reason for the truck boom was the tremendous boost in popularity that country music enjoyed in the 1990's.  Have you
 ever seen Toby Keith or Alan Jackson doing a commercial for a compact car?  Can you even envision such a thing?  Another reason was consumer revolt against smaller and smaller cars.  People like big, roomy vehicles, and they feel safer in them.  Hitting a deer while driving a Ford F-150 is no fun, but it's likely to be a  lot less worse than hitting a deer while driving a Toyota Corolla.
 But the truck boom is over, at least for quite a while.  Why?  Mainly because of high gas prices.  People may feel safer in a truck, but pickups are not very fuel efficient.  When gas prices are low, that's no problem.  But when gas costs nearly $4 a gallon, owning a pickup truck is a luxury more and more people can no longer afford.  The second reason is the state of the overall economy.  Many people are feeling uncertain about the economic prospects of the country, and are worried about losing their jobs.  They're cutting back everywhere they can when it comes to spending, including their personal vehicles.  New truck sales have dropped 40% in the last five years.
 That's a shocking number.  But if you're one of those Americans who still wants or needs a pickup truck, it's great news for you.  If you're looking for a late model used truck in excellent condition, you won't believe how low the prices are.  People are desperate to unload their trucks, and they're willing to sell for far less than they would've a year ago.  And, because used pickups in great condition are such bargains,
that puts tremendous pressure on new car dealers to lower their prices and come up with all sorts of incentives to sell their truck inventory.  So if you've been wanting a new or used pickup truck but have been holding off on purchasing, don't wait.  The bargains available in the truck market today are unbelievable.

International Truck MPG - Why US Domestic Ratings Differ

 There are many differences between domestic US trucks and international trucks. One of them is that international truck mpg (miles per gallon) figures are rated much higher than their US counterparts for the same class and type of truck. This specific difference is due to many reasons.

These reasons are caused by many differences. One of them is that domestic trucks plying in the US are made by US-based automobile manufacturers. These manufacturers follow SAE (society of automotive engineers) standards, whereas trucks made in Europe follow European standards and trucks made in China and Japan follow their own standards.
 Differences in different standards cause a change in the fuel economy of vehicles manufactured in the US and those manufactured elsewhere. Part of the difference is due to different criteria specified in these different standards. However, the common aspect about the different non-US standards is that most of the criteria result in manufacture of similar class of trucks having almost similar mpg characteristics.
 US manufactured trucks generally lag behind slightly in actual mpg of comparable models of trucks. Part of this is also due to the influence of the big three of the US automobile industry namely GM, Ford, and Chrysler on the US federal government.

These companies have invested far too much in their sheet metal based plants to make drastic changes in the process and materials of manufacturing. This is why their truck models are heavier. Therefore, they have a lower fuel economy than most European and Japanese truck models. Japanese models especially have incorporated more material-related and other technological innovations to reduce truck weight and fuel economy.
 Part of the reason US trucks are heavier lies in the fact that they are equipped with more powerful engines. More powerful engines guzzle more fuel and result in lower fuel economy. Even these US manufacturers cannot be blamed because US consumers of trucks have had a traditional and specific penchant for powerful vehicles. However, with gasoline prices climbing beyond the $4 per gallon mark, this is set for a change as fuel economy is having a greater impact in the US market than it had earlier.
The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has also tried to correct the course to actualize truck mpg ratings by dumbing down its earlier published ratings to bring them in sync with practically achievable figures.

It rates the mpg of various current trucks and cars plying in the US on an annual basis. It classifies different vehicles under different classes. Even custom configurations of hybrids and other trucks are rated by the EPA.

The traditional outlook of people in the US towards truck fuel economy is also one reason for the difference. Moreover, people in the US have traditionally had far more money to worry about high truck speed and its consequent adverse impact on fuel economy. International truck mpg figures are more realistic and better. This is because of the awareness of the impact of crude oil price rise and operation of trucks at lower optimum speeds to achieve higher fuel economy.

Custom Truck Wheels

 Look around and you will see an increase in custom wheels used on trucks today. Less than 20 years ago trucks were just cargo hauling vehicles. In the early 1900s trucks were used primarily for local wholesale and retail deliveries. Today when we talk about trucks we are talking about light trucks. Light trucks include pickup trucks, minivans and full-size vans, and sport utility vehicles. Twenty five percent or more of all new vehicles sold are light trucks.
 There is an huge amount of accessories that allow pickup truck owners to convert their weekday work horse to comfortable, efficient and enjoyable transportation. Accessories like lowering kits, lift kits, tonneau covers and custom wheels. Most of these accessories don't have to be practical, people just want to modify a truck to suit their life styles.
 Custom Truck Wheels are one of the best accessories you can buy when it comes to improving your ride. It's important to make the right choice for your light truck custom wheel needs. Weather you own a regular cab, extended cab, 4X4 or 2X4 Chevy, Ford or Dodge truck, custom wheels can have a big impact on performance.
 Shop on line and get the best price. Save even more on wheel and tire packages and have them shipped to your front door ready to install. On line merchants always know which custom rims will fit best. Find truck rims ranging from 15 inches to 26 inches. If you have a 4X4 they make them even bigger. Look for wheels on line marked RWD for rear wheel drive.
If you have been thinking of restyling your truck lately, start with custom truck wheels. Replacing your wheels will make your truck look sportier while enhancing handling and ride quality when matched up with a new set of tires. We recommend Alcoa wheels, American Racing and Weld wheels for that eye catching look. These manufactures have been stealing the hearts of truck lovers everywhere for years.

Used Pickup Trucks are Very Useful in Today's Society

 Used pickup trucks are great for manual labor. While cars are limited in space and capability, used pickup trucks have the needed work space and are great to haul large objects and big equipment. Plus, used pickup trucks have truck beds that are built to endure the weight of heavy objects.
 Used pickup trucks are also more practical for most people. The reason that I say this is because newer pickup trucks are getting to be more and more expensive and harder for the common worker to afford.
 Now, I do not want to take away from the advancement in pickup truck technology. Over the past decade, we have witnessed trucks evolve into a practical automobile that is much more user friendly to different size people and more conducive to both genders.

However, with the advancement of trucks seems to come the increase in prices. Yes, I realize that is not the only reason but it seems to be a factor.
 This is why I along with several other people, tend to think that used pickup trucks are needed now more than ever and
with the growing number of internet users, finding used pickup trucks is becoming much easier.

Used pickup trucks are definitely a solid alternative. Plus, most trucks built recent years will include many of the newer features that have been installed to make trucks a more feasible automotive option.
These used pickup trucks will combine the hauling capacity of a truck and the luxury of an automobile.

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Hybrid Cars And Hybrid Trucks

 The fuels that power most cars and trucks, and indeed motorcycles and aeroplanes, is one of the most volatile commodities on the market. Oil and petrol are not just getting more expensive, but the crises in the Middle East threaten to disrupt supplies as well.

This state of affairs is very disturbing for some people and governments alike. As the price of oil rises, citizens complain and blame the government and the rising price of oil affects the cost of living and the balance of payments.
 On top of that, environmental groups are unanimous in blaming the consumption of fossil fuels, which includes oil, for most of the degradation of the environment and the consequent disappearance of species. A possible solution to all these problems is the development of a different form of engine that does not burn so much oil. Enter the hybrid engine.

All the top car manufacturers are busy making energy-efficient hybrid cars. Ford, Honda and Toyota are at the vanguard of producing stylish cars that incorporate hybrid engines which run off petrol and electricity. In fact the car in essence has two engines which share the mechanism for delivering the power to the wheels.
 These cars use petrol whilst the batteries require charging or when the car needs extra power, say for overtaking or going up hill, but they automatically switch the petrol engine off and the electric engine on when electricity can provide enough power to achieve what you require the car to do, like cruising in city traffic or normal, unhurried driving. The batteries are charged by the petrol engine, by braking and by plugging it into the national grid.
 Trucks obviously use a great deal more gasoline than cars and so the possibility for saving is a lot higher to. The problem is that the electric motors are not actually powerful enough to be able to entirely take over from a petrol engine if a great deal of power is needed to drive a fully laden truck.

It can 'assist' - that is reduce the load on the petrol engine, thus saving some of the costs, but can it save enough fuel to justify it's relatively high cost? That is the big question for all truck owners. However, the technology is being improved quickly and it probably will do one day.
Again the big three are doing everything they can to compete in this potentially extremely profitable market. If they could create hybrid engines that are powerful enough to pull a fully loaded truck at a good speed, manufacturers are convinced that truck owners will go for them in order to save on their ruinous fuel bills.

This along with decreasing the cost of hybrid cars is the key to decreasing a country's dependence on imported oil. If you are not very worried about the high price of buying a hybrid car, then you should get one only to do your bit for the environment, but if you want to buy one to save on your fuel bills, you will have to get the calculator out and do your sums carefully.

Advantages and Specialties of 4x4 Pickup Trucks

 Commercial trucks have changed the entire dimensions of the lives and people have started living luxurious life with the help of rich transportation facilities and they are getting speedier and wider availabilities of industrial goods and products. These facilities are offered and served by many of the types of trucks and among these best types, the 4x4 Pickup Trucks for sale is the fastest mode.
 The definition and manufacturers

Pickup trucks are the trucks that are available in the simplest forms of Motor trucks and are having open top rear cargo area which is separated from the cab. They allow the chassis flex while pulling and loading of heavier articles. These trucks are having smaller sizes but still are making the trucks for sale business smarter and better. There are numerous models and types of these Pickup trucks and many of the reputed names of automotive sectors are involved in the production of these carriers of utility. The reputed names that are connected with the manufacturers are Ford, Mazda, Isuzu, Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen. These truck manufacturers have produced many of the trucking models with greater efficiencies and engineering.
 The economic importance

These trucks are having greater economic importance and also are becoming the most sensational trucking models of these decades. They are having faster speeds and therefore they can transport the goods at better speeds. Also they are having better strength and engines that can drive the trucks quite frequently. These features are the best earning sources for the truck transporters and are having wider features of making the operators richer and wealthier. These Pickup trucks are offered at quite lower rates in the used forms and they can prove as big blessings for the business persons.
 The most economic deals

These used trucks are considered as the best economic deals because the buyers have to invest quite lower amount of money and in turn they get supreme benefits by using these vehicles. If we compare the same investment with other truck buying, the return that has been offered by the Pickup trucks is massive compare to any of the other trucks. The frequencies and capacities of hauling and transporting cargo and goods of these trucks are amazing. Also these vehicles are quite aggressive and dynamic in getting transportation facilities to interior and difficult regions of the world. They are having the best driving abilities on mountains, rivers and also can perform the functions of mud trucks. These vehicles are the best
supporters in getting driven in the snow falls or any of the other natural calamities. Thus, these vehicles are having the best performance attitudes that are the most advantageous for the transporters and owners.

The supreme facilities

So, these are the benefits that are offered by the Pickup trucks and if you are interested in increasing your profits by investing lower, buy the Used 4x4 Pickup Trucks and have the most economical buying opportunities of your business. They are truly the most advantageous ones. is the site where you can find massive sales of numerous types of trucks including the Pickup trucks. Along with the new truck models, we are also offering the largest range of used trucks including Used 4x4 Pickup Trucks. These used trucks are the best buying opportunities and are offered by the dealers' at the most economical prices. Also get in touch with the most reliable and trustworthy dealers of Trucks for sale business of USA.

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Sterling Trucks Offer a Full Line-Up

 Sterling is a secondary company of Freightliner LLC. Sterling trucks have long held the reputation of being conventional. This popular trucking company specializes in manufacturing vocational trucks which are typically used for jobs other than straight freight hauling. The company's line-up of trucks have been used as fire trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, school buses and other commercial or public vehicles in this category.
 Currently Sterling is the only OEM or original equipment manufacturer that offers a full line of trucks that range from classes 3 through 8. Although they do manufacture heavy duty and freight hauling trucks their major contribution to the trucking industry comes in the form of concrete mixers, cranes, street sweepers and the other commercial vehicles listed above. Many government offices throughout the United States depend on Sterling to produce efficient, cost-friendly and dependable vehicles for their needs.
 The name for the company was actually used originally by an independent truck manufacturer and then bought by the White Motor Company in 1953. Two years later the name was retired and laid dormant until Daimler-Benz subsidiary Freightliner LLC decided in 1998 to take it to go along with the Ford blue oval on the AeroMax Series of trucks. Since that time the Sterling name has made quite a resurrection producing a multitude of heavy to medium purpose trucks. The company headquarters is currently located in Detroit, MI. The more conventional trucks however are manufactured in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. The company's truck line-up is currently being sold in Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand as well as in the United States.
 The company was awarded the J.D. Power and Associates Heavy Duty Truck Customer Satisfaction Study in 2007. The study was conducted by interviewing more than 2,500 drivers of Class 8 trucks that were two years old at the time. Sterling trucks have actually won this award twice in the last four years. The award was given due to this truck manufacturer having the highest scores for both their new dealer facilities and service prices. The manufacturer was among the highest
rated brands in the Class 8 category on factors such as availability of spare parts, hours and days for service department availability, facility overall appearance and price and labor for repairs. There are many reasons that these trucks remain one of the top rated choices for truckers in the nation. From fire trucks to big rigs, Sterling takes care of virtually every trucking need all from one place.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Nissan Trucks for Sale

 If you are planning to buy any big vehicle like trucks then always prefer to purchase high quality vehicles such as Nissan trucks. It has excellent looks and more power as compared to the other vehicles. In the whole world, these cars are in huge demand. Its powerful engine helps to generate high amount of energy. It is the model of leading automobile company. It regularly launched new editions by adding some extra features and latest technology.
 Its engine has a block of aluminum material and it is very smooth as well. It generates around 154 hp and has a double wishbone suspension. It works efficiently for every kind of job. Its V6 engine has more balanced system which is required for smooth riding. Nissan trucks have leaf spring rear suspension and unique quality wheels. These wheels are smoothly run on the rough or sharp bending roads. If you will search on the internet for these automotives, then you will surely get the suitable list of results. There are many dealers available online. Those who are not able to purchase these vehicles can easily choose second hand or used trucks. These automobiles are well equipped with advanced facilities.
 If you are looking for same amenities but in different brands of trucks, then you have option of Pickup trucks. Due to its best design and quality parts, it works efficiently. For any kind of transportation, it is useful. Mainly it is used for heavy duty segment type of work. Companies like Ford, General Motors, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Mitsubishi are regularly launching new edition of pickup trucks. These vehicles are really affordable for every customer.
 Before finalizing the model, always remember to check the exact condition of the automobile especially its engine. The interior work of these automotives is mainly designed to offer high level of comfort. Unique sound insulation mechanic mechanism is installed in these pickup trucks. Due to this system, it provides quite big space for cabins. This vehicle is specially based on a sturdy chassis with thick glass windows. These trucks have inset doors facility with two layer seat. It helps to prevent disturbing noise like traffic.

I have many years of experience in automobile industries. Various articles and blogs related to automotives which are present on the internet belong to me. Whenever my friends are planning to buy Nissan Trucks, they always take my advice. I am having interest in exploring new technology of various automobiles

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The Benefits of a Pick Up Truck

 In the year 1925, Henry Ford introduced the first, factory assembled pickup truck in the automobile market. Its purpose was that a vehicle should also be able to help carry big loads in everyday use.

Basically, a pickup is an assembly of two parts, the cabin and the bed. The cabin houses the engine and driving cockpit. The bed or the rear is separated from the front. This reduces the load on the chassis when carrying heavy loads.
 rucks, especially chevy pickup trucks, have gained a lot of popularity in the past ten years. This is because of the benefits that a pickup truck brings to its owner. Here are a few reasons why pickup sales have risen recently.

    * Trucks are powerful vehicles. They are the best way for hauling and transporting heavy items, such as machinery, refrigerators, furniture and logs etc. They have become a source of the livelihood of many people.
 # Pickups have a spacious tailgate and are most suitable for carrying large objects.
# They have heavy duty suspensions so weighty but fragile items, like sensitive machinery or electronic items like big screen TVs etc can also be loaded and transported with minimal risk of damage.
# Up to 6 people can be comfortably seated in a pickup, especially the chevy pickup.
 # Trucks are safe. Most have AWD (All Wheel Drive) which give the driver a lot more control on the car, especially during bad weather like thunderstorms and snow etc.
# Women find lighter pickup trucks attractive because they are easy to navigate and adapt to a day full of chores.
# Pickups have got great road grip and are equally efficient both on and off the road.
    * Most trucks have fuel economy systems. This makes them more cost efficient than normal cars.
    * Pickup trucks come in a wide variety of sizes. Standard, extended and crew cab size. So you have the freedom to choose as per your requirement.
    * Styles are like a status symbol with pickup trucks these days. Compact, Midsized, Full-sized, Sports Utility or Muscle. They all have powerful looks. You can choose the one that makes you feel the best.

The bottom line is that pickup trucks are powerful, efficient, laboriously helpful and fast. And definitely sexy! Wouldn't you want one?

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Is a 2010 Ford Escape the Right Vehicle For You

My Truck Lift Kit

 I personally come from what most people would tend to call small town America. By saying that I mean, I live right next to a mountain, we have only about two stores in my town and pretty much every weekend my friends and I all hop in our trucks and head up in the woods wherever we can find to have a party. Lately though, I have not been able to go up because I am actually doing some work on my truck. I recently did some research online and found that for my truck, it would be very easy to put a truck lift on it.
 A couple of months ago, I saw an ad in the paper for a Ford Bronco, and after going to the dealership and checking it out, I knew that it was exactly what I wanted, and that very same day I brought it home. Now, when I bought it the shape it was in was not near what I wanted my truck to be. I wanted to sit higher up on the road and have that mean look, and I also wanted to have those bigger tires for easier maneuverability when I go off roading with my friends.
 So, I got online and found a great site about lift kits. After looking over their site I found all of the answers that I needed to help make my truck one of the baddest on the road. There were many sizes of tires that I could put on my truck to help out the lift, and I decided to go with 33 inch tires, which is right about in the middle, not too big, but not small by any means. I also decided to go with a wicked looking front and rear bumper kit, with the off roading lights mounted right on the stainless steel bars.
 For the actual truck lift, I went with a four inch lift kit, which meant that I had to relocate the TTB and radius arms, but that was not too big of deal for me to do. I also put all new axles on, which is not really necessary for what I wanted, but just to make sure that nothing would go wrong I decided to put them on. To complete the look, I gave the truck a mean paint job, and also put fender flares on to achieve the full off roading look that I wanted.
After all this I was then able to do the off roading that I wanted and I was able to keep up with my friends. There is nothing like being the one holding a group behind because I couldn't get over a rock or up a small water fall. But now with the bigger tires I'm able to do all that which for me translates into more fun.