Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ford F350 Super Duty: Now Reporting for Duty

From cars to minivans to sport-utility vehicles to trucks. Ford Motor Company simply has it all. Each vehicle made to do a different type of job - just like Ford's customers who have varied and changing lifestyles, and who have different purposes for their vehicles in mind.

As for the Ford Super Duty, this truck delivers just its specifications offer. Patrons of this Ford truck rely on this to get the job done. And this truck does it with unsurpassed gas and diesel power, more toughness, and useful new features that makes work easier, and also makes recreation and play time more enjoyable.
 Frank Davis, Ford vehicle programs director for pickups and commercial vehicles claims, "The original Super Duty proved that pickup trucks with the right stuff could handle jobs that once were associated only with the big, commercial medium-duty truck segment. The Ford Super Duty takes this capability to the to the max, with towing and cargo ratings that will astound our customers."
 Last year, 2005, the Super Duty made available that year featured a host of functional, capability, and convenience improvements. And now, customers of the Ford Super Duty are waiting as to what changes more could be done to this astounding truck.

For last year's changes, the list included increased tow ratings across the board, with best-in-class maximum towing rating of 17,000 pounds; class-leading payload for Super Duty pickups - taking it up to 5,800 pounds of cargo in the F-350 dually,
 which on the average, payload improves 500 to 1000 pounds for F-250 and F-350 pickups; TowCommand(TM) System which is a combination of standard and optional features that makes towing easier, and added in is an industry-first factory-installed trailer brake controller; unsurpassed power that includes the segment's most powerful gasoline engine which is the 6.8 liter, 3-valve Triton(TM) V-10 with 355 hp and 455 pound-feet of torque; the best-selling 6.0 liter Power Stroke® diesel has been increased to 570 pound-feet of torque; a new front suspension and improved steering for a better ride, handling and maneuverability in 4X4 pickups and all F-450 and F-550
chassis cabs; best-in-class braking made with larger rotors and larger, stiffer calipers plus the parking brake is done larger and stronger; and topping it all up is the stronger and tougher frame to support all the workload.

When it comes to how the Ford Super Duty fascia is, this truck has been redesigned with a bolder, tougher look up the front end, and in its own category is the only truck with 18- and 20-inch wheels. Its interior has been done over so as to exude a refined taste. The truck's instrument panel has also been redesigned with applications that are unique. As for steering, changes had also been made to its steering geometry, with tighter internal tolerances in its new steering gear and a revised power assist.

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