Monday, January 3, 2011

Ford Truck Accessories - Some of the Basic Accessories

 So you got a nice shiny new Ford truck and are thinking About dressing it up a bit. However you are not sure what accessories you want to add to your truck. Here we will discuss some of the more popular accessories that are available for your new Ford truck. Keep in mind this only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Ford truck accessories. There are so many accessories available it will make your head spind. Today we are only covering some of the more popular ones.
 Wheels and tires - One of the most popular accessories (however also one of the most expensive) is a new set of custom wheels for your truck. Installing a new set of wheels on your Ford truck is something that definitely set's your truck apart from the others and can drastically change the appearance of your truck. The decision however needs to be made if you want to stay with stock or go bigger. Staying with stock you can avoid the expense of buying new tires, however going with big rims you can really change the looks. This really depends on your personal taste and of course finances.
 Custom Exhaust - Here is a popular upgrade that doesn't change the appearance much however the minute you fire your truck up this is no doubt in anyone's mind that the exhaust is not stock. There is nothing like the rumble of a custom exhaust such as a Magnaflow dual exhaust system which is a popular upgrade to a Ford truck. Not only does a custom exhaust wake your truck up so to speak it also improves performance. If your budget is tight another good selection that isn't as much money is a Gibson exhaust that also gives your Ford truck a nice sound. Not quite as deep as a Magnaflow however.
 Tonneau Covers - Another popular add-on is a tonneau cover. Tonneau covers not only keep things dry in the bed of your truck but help to improve fuel economy. A popular brand of tonneau covers is Extang. My favorite has always been the Extang trifecta cover. I like this cover for many reasons but probably the biggest is the fact if I am out and about and decide to buy something big I can easily fold up the cover and remove it and it fit's behind the seat in my truck. That is pretty cool if you ask me.
Custom Grill - Here is one of my favorites. You can either go with a grill insert or go all out and buy a billet custom grill. These grills really change the looks of your truck and also increase airflow. Not to mention the fact that when you pull up behind someone you always get looks. A great and simple addition in my book that really turns heads.

So there you have it. I have listed some of the more popular accessories for a Ford truck. Of course there are many more such as performance tuners and if you are going all out you can completely upgrade the suspension. That will be another post for another day however. Until then happy trucking my friends, hope to see you out at the truck shows.


  1. Those are some serious lifts on that truck. Someday I want to put lifts that high on my truck. Only if my wife will finally let me that is.