Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Tex Grille Guard by Go Industries Product Review

 Let’s face it “Bigger is Better” when you’re looking for a grille guard to protect the front of your truck or Sport Utility Vehicle. Go Industries Big Tex Grille Guard, one of the biggest available, has proven itself in the market for a number of years now, and continues to enjoy a devoted following. Not only does the increased diameter tubing used on the Big Tex compliment many of today’s larger pickup trucks and SUVs, it also provides substantially more protection from damage resulting from highway mishaps such as hitting deer or other wild animals.
 The Big Tex Grille Guard is constructed of a one-piece tubular frame using massive 1.9”, 14-gauge steel. The uprights are contoured to fit each bumper for maximum strength and are made from die formed heavy-duty 11-gauge steel, with a heavy-duty rubber push pad protecting the full length of each upright. These guards come in either duplex nickel chrome plating or black powder coated finish, and they feature auxiliary light tabs to which you can mount multiple off-road lights. With external welds and a sturdy design the Big Tex is definitely heavy duty, and it also is very easy to install. In fact, installation is pretty straightforward, and by using sturdy factory mounting points this grille guard is not only functional, but you can probably install one in about one hour or less.
 You know an installation is going to be pretty easy when the mounting kit only has two brackets and eight bolts. In fact, you can just imagine how easy it is based upon the installation procedure for a Ford Super Duty truck described in the following few paragraphs.

   1. Looking at the front of the vehicle you will see right and left tow hooks.
   2. Starting with either side, loosen the two black bumper bolts that are located to the outside of the tow hook. Loosen them just enough to allow you to slide the L-shaped mounting bracket behind the two screws, with the back of the L facing the tow hook.
   3. Once in place, finger tighten the bolts so the mounting bracket will stay in place.
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other side.
   5. Because the grille guard bracket holes are already threaded, attaching the uprights is easy. Fasten the uprights to the brackets with the bolts provided – do not fully tighten.
   6. Attach the cross bars of the grille and brush guard to the rear of the uprights using the bolts provided – again do not overly tighten but provide enough give to allow yourself the ability to align all parts prior to final tightening.
   7. Adjust all connections so that proper alignment is achieved, and finally tighten all bolts using a socket wrench.

That’s all there is to it. The GO Industries Big Tex Grille Guard not only installs easily, but it also keeps your tow hooks fully accessible – a great benefit when you’re off-roading escapades require a little help to get moving again.

Manufactured in the United States, the chrome version of the Go Industries Big Tex Grille Guard is backed with a six-year warranty, while the black powder coated version comes with a three-year warranty.
The Big Tex Grille Guard by Go Industries is a great package that looks “right” on today’s larger size vehicles. With this grille guard you get protection, ease of installation, great looks and a warranty period that meets or exceeds the industry standard. About the only complaint we have is that there isn’t a winch mounting plate that could be attached to the guard and frame. But still, considering all that this grille guard is, and the fact that you should be able to get the chrome version delivered to your door for less than $500.00, we just don’t see a better value in today’s grille guard market.

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