Friday, January 21, 2011

My Truck Lift Kit

 I personally come from what most people would tend to call small town America. By saying that I mean, I live right next to a mountain, we have only about two stores in my town and pretty much every weekend my friends and I all hop in our trucks and head up in the woods wherever we can find to have a party. Lately though, I have not been able to go up because I am actually doing some work on my truck. I recently did some research online and found that for my truck, it would be very easy to put a truck lift on it.
 A couple of months ago, I saw an ad in the paper for a Ford Bronco, and after going to the dealership and checking it out, I knew that it was exactly what I wanted, and that very same day I brought it home. Now, when I bought it the shape it was in was not near what I wanted my truck to be. I wanted to sit higher up on the road and have that mean look, and I also wanted to have those bigger tires for easier maneuverability when I go off roading with my friends.
 So, I got online and found a great site about lift kits. After looking over their site I found all of the answers that I needed to help make my truck one of the baddest on the road. There were many sizes of tires that I could put on my truck to help out the lift, and I decided to go with 33 inch tires, which is right about in the middle, not too big, but not small by any means. I also decided to go with a wicked looking front and rear bumper kit, with the off roading lights mounted right on the stainless steel bars.
 For the actual truck lift, I went with a four inch lift kit, which meant that I had to relocate the TTB and radius arms, but that was not too big of deal for me to do. I also put all new axles on, which is not really necessary for what I wanted, but just to make sure that nothing would go wrong I decided to put them on. To complete the look, I gave the truck a mean paint job, and also put fender flares on to achieve the full off roading look that I wanted.
After all this I was then able to do the off roading that I wanted and I was able to keep up with my friends. There is nothing like being the one holding a group behind because I couldn't get over a rock or up a small water fall. But now with the bigger tires I'm able to do all that which for me translates into more fun.

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