Monday, January 24, 2011

The Benefits of a Pick Up Truck

 In the year 1925, Henry Ford introduced the first, factory assembled pickup truck in the automobile market. Its purpose was that a vehicle should also be able to help carry big loads in everyday use.

Basically, a pickup is an assembly of two parts, the cabin and the bed. The cabin houses the engine and driving cockpit. The bed or the rear is separated from the front. This reduces the load on the chassis when carrying heavy loads.
 rucks, especially chevy pickup trucks, have gained a lot of popularity in the past ten years. This is because of the benefits that a pickup truck brings to its owner. Here are a few reasons why pickup sales have risen recently.

    * Trucks are powerful vehicles. They are the best way for hauling and transporting heavy items, such as machinery, refrigerators, furniture and logs etc. They have become a source of the livelihood of many people.
 # Pickups have a spacious tailgate and are most suitable for carrying large objects.
# They have heavy duty suspensions so weighty but fragile items, like sensitive machinery or electronic items like big screen TVs etc can also be loaded and transported with minimal risk of damage.
# Up to 6 people can be comfortably seated in a pickup, especially the chevy pickup.
 # Trucks are safe. Most have AWD (All Wheel Drive) which give the driver a lot more control on the car, especially during bad weather like thunderstorms and snow etc.
# Women find lighter pickup trucks attractive because they are easy to navigate and adapt to a day full of chores.
# Pickups have got great road grip and are equally efficient both on and off the road.
    * Most trucks have fuel economy systems. This makes them more cost efficient than normal cars.
    * Pickup trucks come in a wide variety of sizes. Standard, extended and crew cab size. So you have the freedom to choose as per your requirement.
    * Styles are like a status symbol with pickup trucks these days. Compact, Midsized, Full-sized, Sports Utility or Muscle. They all have powerful looks. You can choose the one that makes you feel the best.

The bottom line is that pickup trucks are powerful, efficient, laboriously helpful and fast. And definitely sexy! Wouldn't you want one?

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  1. I like those three trucks. If they were mine I would get some pickup truck accessories, grab a friend, go to a concert, and have a tail-gate party.